Question [Q] XT912 Rebooting every 2:10 minutes, IMEI NOT FOUND, tried MATT and RSD in vain

I am posting this question after searching and trying different things for about a month on my phone, and I am still standing where I started. I also ordered one of these active power cables from TeamBlackHat and atleast it brought me where I started after the battery died. Let me put things in a simple way
1. A morning, I found it sleeping (turned off) after I forgot charging it on 10% the last night. Charged it, but it stopped detecting my sim card on turning on and started rebooting every 2 min 10 seconds.
2. I am an android noob and have been reluctant of trying stuff with my phones previously. I got hold of MATT Utility 1.6 and 1.8 and RSD Lite package (the latest one)
3. Tried both, first flashed with RSD Lite. Flashes fine with the latest Spyder file, but the same issue. Reboot loop and IMEI not found.
4. Then tried MATT Utility. It restores with some errors and then it only gets till M logo on rebooting.
5. Also tried recovering from external flash from a file named but in vain.
6. Now the phone is turning on, but reboots every 2 min 10 sec and IMEI and ESN can not be found.

I tried asking this on droid razr forum, but I think people are not much active there. I really hope that I find help here. Thank you guys in advance.