Lightbulb [Q] Wifi toggle issue after safestrap rom install

I installed a tmobile m919 s4 rom Wicked v8 to be exact.. onto my att s4 using safestrap recovery
The rom installed fine with aroma installer everything works fine besides wifi it wont toggle on
I have tried multiple m919 kernels, ive even factory reset wipe cache system and dalvic and re installed rom.
The wifi will not toggle on at all.
i know we can flash other carriers roms just fine cause the rom flashes fine with lte data and shows No hiccups besides the wifi toggle issue?

I have also asked the same question on the i337 forum hoping to cross reference the issue on both sides..
i know its mentioned when using a tmobile rom on the att variant a specific kernel must be flashed because of the locked boot loader, but i wasnt sure if they mean use an att kernel or tmobile kernel on the att s4
The roms flash fine with working lte data and boots just fine using the kernel thats set up into the aroma installer ..but the wifi toggle on/off issue is that a issue with Wicked rom v 8 ?
I know someone reading knows where the issue and fix must be ?