Phone [Q] Downloads not working!

Hello everyone, first post here at XDA. Finally got a new phone today, the Lenovo K900.

It's well known for it's cluttered and buggy UI, and I'd love to see those x86 cyanogenmod ROMs roll in soon.

Anyway, the main problem here is, downloads absolutely do not work on the phone. Nor do they work while downloading from a browser (tried multiple, including chrome and stock) and nor do they work from the Play Store. I looked around and found a few fixes, such as clearing the data and cache for the Play Store, Download Manager, Google Services Framework and then force closing them. None of these seem to work. I've not been able to download at all. I've tried factory resetting a couple times as well. The phone came with an older version of it's stock ROM, and downloads didn't work it either. I updated it OTA, issue persists. I did also try installing a newer version of Play Store, but then shifted attention to the download manager since browser downloads weren't working either.

I've only been trying these over 3G, and not wifi. I don't have access to wifi at the moment, but will try to use wifi in a couple hours and see if anything changes. In the meantime, any ideas?

EDIT: It worked fine on wifi, chrome gave me a proxy server error once. Seemed like proxy settings were automatically added for some reason. Removing them fixed the issue.