Default [Q] Wireless Display Capabilities

Hey All,

Has anyone used the wireless display functionality on their Note 8 tablet? I have the Actiontec Screenbeam pro, which works with Miracast and Intel WiDi certified devices. I am not sure if the Note is Miracast certified since it uses its own kind of wireless display technology, but it can see the Screenbeam no problem.

When trying to connect to the Screenbeam, it connects, then says successfully connected. However, before it displays anything on screen, the TV shows 'Pairing failed' and the Note shows "Wireless mirroring could not be started due to a hardware error."

I am currently running Terok Nor v2.0 ROM and CivZ-SphereXtreme-Rev3.2 kernel. could it possibly be due to the rom or kernel I am running?