Default [HOW TO] Stock Email Settings Backup & Restore (Not Gmail)

I finally found out how to backup & restore non-gmail email account settings for a Samsung Note 3. Just to be clear, this method backs up the SETTINGS for the accounts themselves...not the emails. I've got a account four GoDaddy accounts for my business. Every time I try to flash a new rom, or just wipe and reset my phone for any reason, I had to go through the setup process for each account over and over and over again. Now, You can save the settings for all your accounts and restore them quickly and easily.

Simply install Kies on your PC or Mac, turn "USB debugging" on under "Developer Options" and connect you device to your computer. Once connected, click the Backup/Restore tab in Kies and scroll down to the "account information & settings" section. Select "email account information" and click the backup button. Now you've got a copy of the settings for all of your non-gmail accounts on your computer. Whenever you need to restore them, just connect to Kies and perform a restore. Hope this helps someone out as much as it has me!
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