Default [Q] App folder's apps have no text/description!

I just got a T-Mobile LG G2. I rooted it, and then installed NoBloat Free. I uninstalled (but left a backup) of several system apps that I thought were safe to uninstall. However once I completed this process (I ended up uninstalling about ~30 files/apps), I ran into a very strange result:

None of the apps in my app folder have any text under their icons. For instance, I'll see the icon/app for WeatherBug, but underneath it there is no text/words that say "WeatherBug". It's just completely blank, for all the apps in the app folder.

I can only presume I uninstalled an android system file that caused this, but I don't know which one it is. Interestingly enough, when I long-press an app (in the app folder) and drag it to my home page, the text shows up. And as a side note, the apps on my home screen all have their descriptions/names.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.