Default Skin all the things?

TouchWiz is hideous. Just gonna get that out of the way. I want my Note 3 to look as close to 'stock' as possible and I'd like to know what you all feel is the best way to accomplish this through apps on the Play Store.

Replacement home-screen/launchers are easy, there are some great established players and some fun 'toys' to mess with. I flip-flop between Nova and Apex, currently Nova (beta).

Lock-screen replacements can get a bit more complicated but still easy to try out and find the one that's right for you. I don't currently have one, but I'd like to find one that's as close to Jelly Bean or Kitkat stock as possible.

Pull-down menu and settings: I don't even know if there's a way to skin these but I really hope there is. It's one of the ugliest parts of TouchWiz. The grey/green just bugs me to no end. Is there some way to skin these?