Phone [Q] I want to force-install an unsupported game on my 2.2 phone but which version..?

Hi, I did this with some other game and some other device in the past and it miraculously worked.
So the device is Huawei U8160 aka the Vodafone Smart and the game I'm dying to play is Candy Crush Saga. Now, being aware that there's a different version of the app for different android OS versions and phone models - I want to find out which version would be the one that's closest to perform this miracle. I located direct apk download sources for pretty much every version of the said game and I'll be installing the apk from SD. A piece of info that I have is that Candy Crush Saga supposedly requires an ARM processor and the Huawei has the 528 MHz ARM 11 chip - so there's hope, for me anyway. Does anybody know any specifics of whatever might be...of any help? At least anything to start looking into my research with))
Thank you everyone in advance.