Default Initial Glass Experience

Signed up for an invite on the site. Picked it up today. If you get an invite and live close enough to one of the pickup points I recommend going over it with a glass guide.

It's definitely not worth the price for most people but It's very very interesting to see the potential especially with some of the applications are there. I feel like it's definitely the path for the future of portable device accessories.

Biggest shortfall is the battery life currently so I'm planning on getting a portable charge device to run a little extra juice into it. Second one is making sure I have a solid mobile internet connection thanks to sprint's crappy network. Good thing though you can fix the battery by having a portable battery unit. Not optimal but a simple workaround that works well.

Yes you can watch Freddie mercury videos while in the car

And a couple of shots with overlay, one during the day and one at night.