Default [ROM][NANDROID]Stock 4.18.401.3 Odexed[CWM][TWRP}

Stock rom & nandroid backups for 4.18.401.3 base

Additional info:

modelid: PJ4610000
cidnum: HTC__001 | HTC__E11 | HTC__203 | HTC__Y13 | HTC__102 | HTC__405 | HTC__304 | HTC__A07 | HTC__016 | HTC__032 | HTC__M27
mainver: 4.18.401.3
RadioVer: 5.1204.167.31

Stock Odexed ROM:
download here or here
MD5 Checksum: a97715f3cc72ea3e38941ddd59b423fc

I won`t post the de-odexed version of this rom unless I absolutely have to. Reason can be found here where you can find a very close to stock rom offered by lyapota

CWM Nandroid Backup:
download here
MD5 Checksum: f21d2900cd72541269b27b81184996a1

TWRP Nandroid Backup:
download here
MD5 Checksum: acae116d1791e46aa64110d79b0e5905

Stock boot.img:
download here
MD5 Checksum: fae12fab00ccd0b082095a2f22223e94

4.18.401.3 Firmware package:
download here
MD5 Checksum: b82283f8cbb3779a23cdf141dead27ab

4.18.401.3 Stock Recovery:
download here
MD5 Checksum: 87901ea09e3f32eb36de64e931304c9d

As for sharing go ahead and do your thing! A thank you or referring to this thread would be nice though.
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