Question [Q] changing Android versions/ROM's

I've been running Jelly'Beans' ROM 1 through 22 since I've had my Note 2. Really have no complaints about it at all. But since he is getting ready to release his version of 4.3 soon, I started getting curious about the 4.4 ROM's. There are so many threads, and I'd just like to get some opinions from more experienced users since I have been strictly on Beans. What do people think are the most stable 4.4 ROM's? How many are out? I can't tell from all the threads titles, unless they specifically say 4.4 in them. I've only noticed the SlimRom one, but haven't spent a lot of time looking. What kernels are available, and overclockable? Do you use the same modems as in 4.1.2, I assume you would? What's the difference between 4.3 and 4.4? The one thing I like about Bean's ROM is it is based off the official Verizon release, and he does a great job in his work. I'm more reserved on just flashing myself ever since I've seen people talk about having to flash "downgrades" and other things to go back to 4.1.2 if you don't like the other ones. If it was as simple as flashing your TWRP backup I would. But I believe you can't use that in 4.3 or 4.4 either, if I read correctly. Any input or opinions is great. I don't need to get flamed or told to Google things. If you don't wanna answer don't. If you want to take a minute or two to state your opinions, great. I'm just curious about all this. This is an Q&A Help thread. Thanks.
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