Default lg g pad initial impression

Just got my LG G Pad. Got some mixed impressions.
I received the box from and the package is sealed but the box contain the pad is not sealed. A bit surprise as my experience with htc/samsung phone all came with sealed box. How about yours?

Even with aluminum back, the device doesn't feel as premium as ipad mini. it is more or less the same as samsung galaxy tab3 8.
But the build quality is good anyway.

The device is fast but I don't think it is as fluid as ipad. It could be UI design issue. You could notice that during auto rotation, home layout
get empty from one direction to another for a short time. I thought that animation is a waste of time and resource. After notice it, I would say
such animation in pad is actually give the user a visual hint that the device is taking the action....
In practical, it is fast enough. My son played the minecraft for around 20 minutes and it get hot on the upper half but not too hot.

Knock on feature is great. It is so handy. But sometimes it could not turn on the screen.
Does the quickremote have learning capability? Don't know yet. if it is, it will be a killing feature.
Qpair is useful. Haven't tried it much Can we use it to call in/out?

One thing I noticed is that I could not delete my google account after I added it. Anyone knows what to do? Thanks.

Now comes all my positive feeling. It is light and easy to hold in one hand. The experience to use it for surfing and reading is super
as you could use one hand to hold and another to click/zoom.
The screen is super. I haven't noticed the blue line or color tint issue. You won't notice the pixel as in samsung galaxy tab 3.

If I was given 3 choice of ipad mini, lg g pad and sumsung galaxy tab 3, lg g pad will still be the choice.
ipad mini: the price worth for the premium quality, fluid app
lg g pad: super device at this price. Good resolution but not overkill. Good size (biggest size in 8 inch pad) still light.
galaxy tab 3: I won't recommend it. on 2013, samsung still doesn't follow the pixel game on budget pad. it is not a company to respect if
it doesn't listen to customer's need.

All in all, I am very happy with the lg g pad. The next year will be getting interesting as slim bezel and high resolution will become the standard config for budget pad. I guess samsung will bring something to compete against LG. But sansumg device will be not my choice as the company behaves awfully to customers when it is big ...

my tv from samsung to sony
my table from samsung to lg g pad
my mobiel from sumsung s4 to ???? I am waiting for something big from other companies...lg g2 is not bad but the back key kills it.