Default [Q] Stuck on bootloader - Tampered, locked, security warning

So I was trying to restore my HTC one back to normal stocks, with both tampered gone and for it to say Locked again. I haven't used the phone in a few months (switched to a Nexus 5). All I had done with it was unlock the bootloader, install TWRP, and use some random ROMs, with the last one on there being a pretty old version of the Insert Coin Rom, which was based on one of the leaked 4.2.2 OTAs prior to its release.

So what I had read that I needed to do was use revone to get S-OFF. At first I was having issues, repeatedly getting error code = -1. I was able to do the " ./revone -P " command, which would say success and then waiting for device reboot. After this, when trying to run any command I would get that error code. Somehow I got it to work, but on the wrong command (at least I think): " ./revone -l " which then relocked my bootloader. From my limited knowledge, I believe that you need to be complete stock so that it will work. Well as I said, I'm not, so I now have "security warning" with both S-On and the bootloader being Locked (not relocked) and Tampered.

I can't get fastboot to detect the phone, nor does an RUU detect it. I'm just stuck in the bootloader.
I'm on hboot 1.44 and got the phone around June I believe although I'm not sure. It's an AT&T variant, so perhaps I had a patched hboot?

Anyways, any help is much appreciated!