Default [Q] HTC One X - Can't Install RUU


I've managed to mess up my HTC One X quite badly.
From poking around with fastboot I've got the following information from it;

Main Version 1.26.401.2
Cid - none
Radio 1.1204.90.13

I know how I messed it up. I'd not realised you couldn't install Jellybeam roms onto 0.43.000. One Cyanogenmod (cm-10.2.0-endeavoru) later and bingo, bootloop.
Didn't help that I had less than 30% battery life.

Anyway, I've now used a script to get the battery life up - but I haven't been able to run any RUU's on this - I downloaded two;
RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_O2_UK_1.26.206.2_Radio_1.120 4.90.13_release_251230_signed
RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_S_Vodafone_UK_2.17.161.4_Rad io_2.1204.137D1.21_release_280390_signed

I'm thinking now that I cant do these either because I'm on 0.43.000 or because I need generic.

Ideally I want it to be latest Android and generic stock. It's for my wife, so she doesn't need superuser - but I'd like it so If I can get there too, great.

i've read through the main sticky's, but can't work out what the steps are I should be taking to get it out of the bootloop it's in and onto stock

What do I download? Do I need to do this;

Or this;
whilst I do it?

Help much appreciated, as I seem to be stuck at this stage.