Exclamation [Q] bittorrent speed - what am I doing wrong?

so far I've tried utorrent (config options sadly limited compared to windoze version) and ttorrent.

in both cases DL speed gets up to 800kbit/s, if I'm lucky. I don't think I'm victim to the wireless speed issue others report - browser downloads and a speedtest app both show ~8mbit/s on the ouya. xbmc 13 streams HD files just fine over smb/cifs.

whereas on my pc laptop, utorrent regularly gets 6400kbit/s and more, on the exact same torrents.

is there a better bittorrent client? ttorrent seems to have most of the finer settings I'm used to from windoze-utorrent. but it's still super slow.

I'd really like to simply download files directly to the ouya rather than having to dl to pc and then network share...