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Take a look at page 3 of Atrix HD teardown:
There are not only antenna switches at play, but also band specific power amplifiers.
Nice find, thanks.

Interestingly enough looks like the Atrix HD doesn't have any ACPM-5005, which is present (for sure) on the Photon Q, (is a band 5 850MHz power amplifier), while the Atrix HD is stated to support that band.

Too bad I cant read the full list of PQ ICs, some of them are unreadable, on the broken logic board I have handy.

For sure there are two ACPM-5002 (band 2/1900Mhz) power amplifiers, and the ACPM-7051, quad band GSM and band 1 & 5 (2100/850) LTE/UMTS/LTE PA

At least looks like the signals are routed differently between the two phones