Default [RECOVERY][12-10-13]Unofficial OUDHS Recovery for Motorola Droid

Unofficial OUDHS Recovery version for the Motorola Droid


This is a fake flash flashable zip version of OUDHS Recovery version for the Motorola Droid (This is not compatible with the Motorola Milestone). I compiled this more as a proof of concept just to see if I could get the latest version (At the time I compiled it) of OUDHS touch recovery to work on the Motorola Droid.
Know Issues

  • Scrolling up and down to highlight items
  • All features of recovery are working (Backup, Restore, etc.)
  • OUDHS Rainbow Text

  • Backup feature is slow and may appear to freeze but does complete eventually please be patient
  • Swipping left of right to select highlighted options or go back (You still have to use the hardware buttons to select and go back)
  • A permanently flashable recovery image due to filesystem used
Note: This is a fakeflash recovery zip meaning once you flash it in your current custom recovery you will be taken to OUDHS Recovery but when you reboot your device it will revert to your regular custom recovery you have installed (A permanent flashable image can't be made because when you compile the latest version of OUDHS Recovery it compiles the image file in EXT4 where the Motorola Droid uses YAFFS2).

Unofficial OUDHS Recovery Motorola Droid

Flashing Instructions

1. Download the above file.
2. Place the on your Motorola Droids sdcard.
3. Reboot in your custom recovery.
4. Once in recovery select the "Install zip from sdcard" option
5. Select the that you placed on your sdcard.
6. After flashing the you will be taken to OUDHS Recovery
7. To revert to your regular custom recovery select the "Reboot system now" option in OUDHS Recovery and then re-boot into recovery mode and you will be back to your regular custom recovery.
Credits: shabbypenguin for developing the OUDHS source code and for being an excellent mentor!