Default Mono/1-sided sound on music after phonecall?

A weird problem which occurs mostly after calls. Whether I make or receive calls while playing music the music resumes after the call has ended but it ONLY plays in the left or right side... mostly my right side.

This is fixed by yanking out of earphone adapter in my Note 3 and resetting back in but very VERY annoying. ESPECIALLY while I'm driving and after doing a hand-free convo I'm heavily tempted to fiddle around with resetting stereo plug back into phone.

Not entirely sure what the culprit is here. Not sure if it's the annoying AdaptSound settings or something else behind the scenes but I need to figure out how I can regain the peace of mind knowing my phone convos won't keep one-siding my music playback to my right ear. Never experienced this on my Note 2 but now it's becoming more & more of an annoyance on an otherwise improved beauty

Any ideas on what's happening?