Default [Q] T-Mo Note without signal, help!

Hello, I have this SGH-T879, It had the stock 4.0.4 firmware, but I flashed the SGH-T989_UVLE1_radio to unlock it via service menu, but now I don't have signal, right now i'm running CM10.1 and tried to flash multiple modems but still don't get GSM signal, i have Tmo_SGH-T879-UVLG3_radio installed right now but still it's not working, it says NO SERVICE. - TELCEL (my carrier), even it shows me the Voicemail icon, but what I need to do? I'm searching everywhere the stock odin file for going back completely to stock, but all the links are expired, help me please. And I don't know if KIES is usefull but I don't know if its possible to use it in this case.