Question [Q] [Find5] RF power consumption

Hello everyone.
I've been using Find5 for 7 months, and this is a good Android phone generally.
Thanks to the devs here. I've tried many ROMs, stock/Color/CM/AOKP/OMNI. Now I have AOKP by Maxwen in my phone. And it's doing great, smooth and good battery status.
But there's one problem bothering me all the time. The phone's RF consumes much power in sleep/screen_off mode. Currently, 8hrs sleep costs me about 10%. And the data is similar with CM/AOKP/OMNI. I guess they share the same baseband driver.
And back to stock/Color time, the number is a bit smaller, about 5%~6%.
So, is there any baseband driver update or something for any improvement? I guess N4 has more updated baseband version than Find5.
As far as I know, other main stream Android phones should have no more than 3% drain for 8hrs sleep.
Thanks, guys.