Camera [Q] Camera problem always too dark

I'm not sure if anyone has experienced this problem, but ever since going from 4.1.2 rom to what was the 4.3 beanstalk rom at the time my camera is always extremely dark. The weird thing about it is, after playing around with settings and what not(I didnt have to do this before) if you put the camera in "action mode" it brightens right up(for a short period of time before going back) without changing any other setting. If you change back to "auto" it goes right back to being overly dark. Don't get me wrong, the camera works, but with the pictures being so dark they are hardly good quality.

Troubleshooting wise, I wiped the whole phone, sd card and everything, flashed back to stock through odin. The original 4.1.1 camera seemed to look much better. Went back to flashing 4.3 and 4.4 roms with the new camera and bam, same problem. Has anyone ever experienced this issue or have a fix for it? I have looked all over the internet and can't find someone with a fix. I don't want to stay on 4.1.1 stock, but is there a way to use that camera? Cameras on the play store have the same dark effect.