Default [Q] Soft-bricked - Windows, Linux won't detect phone

Hey Guys,

I had rooted my phone a few months ago and installed slim rom with cyanogen mod 10. Everything was good until the latest update slim rom released for T959, which is 4.3.2. I had downloaded the previous, 4.3.1 update and followed the instructions on installing that and it worked perfectly. However, after I downloaded the recent update 4.3.2, I again followed the same instructions, but this time while in recovery mode, it would return back to the list of folders when I selected the downloads folder (which is where I had downloaded the update file to). I tried it multiple times, but the cyanogen log would just say "No Files". I had unfortunately already done these before I went to the downloads folder,

1. wipe data/factory reset
2. wipe dalvik cache
3. wipe cache partition

Now since the downloads folder apparently didn't have anything, I ended up rebooting and the phone has since been stuck on the Samsung Vibrant logo screen. None of the key combinations for recovery or download mode would work and all the combinations would only show the logo screen and be there. I got the USB jig that puts the phone in download mode and this works. But my laptop (windows and linux) won't detect the phone when plugged in, either in download mode or when it's on the logo screen. I have used different USB cables, different USB ports, different batteries, even. I have a USB mouse that is detected irrespective of the USB port that I plug it into, but the phone won't get detected at all. Neither Odin nor Heimdall detect the phone.

I have tried every possible solution offered on the internet, including xda forums. I have installed, rebooted, uninstalled, rebooted, cleaned registry, reinstalled the Samsung USB drivers, but my phone just won't get detected. There is no popup on windows to indicate anything was plugged in, although this works for the USB mouse. I'm beginning to think the internal sdcard is not working or something..?

I love this phone. Have had it since it released and only now has it given me a problem.
Please help! Thanks in advance!

P.S: Not sure if this could be the cause, but I accidentally left my phone in my jacket and it went through the first wash cycle, after which I took it out and left it drying with all parts removed for over 24 hours and plugged it in. It worked perfectly for almost a month and would still have worked if not for my decision to update!