Default [Q] What did I do now?

Well before deciding to root, my phone was freezing when making a call. Sometimes the system would allow a conversation, then all of a sudden I would get a ringing sound followed by frozen software, I read, researched and tried not to bug any of you. I found possible issue with the proximity and light sensor. Also read on a reputable Android website, that Sprint had follied some of the PRLs OTA. So I decided to change the possible hardware flaws and Root. Low and behold it resolved the ringing that followed the freezing, but not the freezing. Was going good with Wicked Sensation 5.0, but could not stand the constant update request. That beloved Rom eventually did the same. So changed to 5 different roms and went from TWRP to Phils recovery since then. I am currently on Static 4.3, all roms worked great until I sent/recieved a call. As soon as I hit talk phone freezes and all audio ceases to function. Sometimes itll tease me after a dalvik wipe, but always after hitting "Talk," everything regarding S3 audio or sound, stops functioning.

Does anybody know about the issue I am describing? I switched the audio components so can this Handset Issue MB related? It is hard for me to rule out software due to the audio coming back after each newly installed rom. Before its demise, Audio sounds great. The audio disappears after a call. Just concerned about going to a Sprint repair center for the wait. If this is software related it highly likely my issues will come back. Not a pro, but well versed in the rooting process. As a ExSprint employee I went through all of Sam's rooted and never been stumped on a "Hardware vs Software" problem like this. If I find out its Knox Im taking a Google Nexus to record me throwin my S3 on the wall and sending it to Samsung....jk lol. (For reals though, the increasing challenges to root for every update pisses me off cause the Samsung always got better hardware then the others, but WTF Sammy?)