Default [Q] Compile kernel modules for A20 7" tablet

I recently bought an iView 777TPCII Allwinner A20 7" tablet with USB OTG support and Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, but it doesn't recognize any of my USB controllers or PS3/Xbox controllers. I've rooted the tablet and ran lsmod to see if hid-sony, xpad, or joydev were installed, but there were not listed.

Does any one know where to find a firmware download for the iView 777TPCII Allwinner A20 7" tablet with these modules included or how to compile these kernel modules that aren't included in the stock ROM?

My thought is to compile the sunxi kernel for A20 and install the modules manually, but I don't know if I then need to replace my existing kernel on the device and I'm afraid I might brick the tablet if I'm not careful.

I'm going to attempt to follow the guide on cnx-software to build kernel modules and modify it slightly to compile for A20 and not A10 devices: