Default CM10.2 [Q] - Double restarts and lack of data connection

A few days ago I went from stock 4.1.2 Touchwiz on my Verizon S3 to Cyanogenmod 10.2 Stable.

Since then I've run into the following issues:
  • It shutdown and restarted itself once in the middle of typing a reply to someone in Facebook
  • Roughly 40% of the time when I choose to restart or when I shutdown and then restart by holding the power button, it will get to the CM loading screen (spinning arrow around the head) and then shutdown and reboot a second time before actually loading fully
  • Roughly the same amount of times as above, when I reboot and actually get into my phone I will not have a connection to 4G/LTE (The bars show up but I have no data connection). I have to either reboot again or disable data and then re-enable it through the options.
  • Once after an automatic double reboot, it said my baseband version was unknown. This only happened once and "fixed" itself after another reboot. It usually shows as I535VRBMF1

My flash steps from stock Touchwiz 4.1.2 to CM10.2 was as follows:
  1. Rooted, unlocked bootloader, and installed CWM using the CASUAL method
  2. Updated CWM through Rom Manager to
  3. Booted into recovery and made a NANDroid backup
  4. Wiped the data through CWM
  5. Installed CM10.2 stable from the file on the CM website after placing it on my phone's memory card at root
  6. Installed Gapps labeled 20130813 after placing it on my phone's memory card at root
  7. Booted into Cyanogenmod 10.2
  8. Rebooted into recovery and cleared the cache and dalvik after the first random restart occured roughly 12 hours after the initial flash of 10.2

I'm at a loss here. Did I miss a step somewhere or is there something I did wrong? How can I possibly fix this so that I have a reliable reboot and reliable data connection?