Default Component replacment question.

Awhile ago I shocked my phone and it shut off. After disconnecting the battery if came back on but I broke my screen. Since then I have gotten a new screen and back. All seems to run well it charges and transfers data between the phone and computer.

The only thing I can find wrong is that USB Host Mode no longer works. The phone sees the USB host controller but does not put power out to the external devices. Even when using an external powered USB hub I still cant see any of my devices.

Also the speakers while they still work sound like they are being way over driver even at low volumes, rattling and scratchy and such. Headphone still work great and so does bluetooth output. I have tried re positioning them several times. I updated to the latest firmware and am now running a google version of kit kat.

My phone is HTC Unlock, rooted and S-Off.

My question is does anyone know if this is just a problem with the M-USB assembley or has somthing been damaged on the main board?

Any help would be appriciated. If the main board is boned then I'll just get a new phone or mainboard/M-Usb assembley when I get back from deployment.