Default [Q] Theme Chooser doesn't change interface.

Hello everyone. Some time ago I've got a task to port T-mobile Theme Engine from Cyanogen to AOSP 4.3 and launch it in the emulator (goldfish). I have never ported anything before and have never developed anything for Android, so the way I've done this task can be irrational.
Well, I moved the code, everything compiles, emulator launches, Theme Chooser launches and sees the themes but after i press the "Apply" button, it shows the pop-up window "Applying the theme" and after it closes, nothing is changed, except for wallpaper, if the theme has one. I just want to know, what I was doing wrong, why it behaves this way and how to find out, what doesn't work?

The code was moved by finding files containing "tmobile" or "T-Mobile" in both T-mobile rom and Cyanogen, comparing AOSP, tmobile and Cyanogen files and moving the similar parts by hand. (I really didn't find a better way) and solving dependencies, if something goes wrong.

Thanks in advance.
P.S .this task is kind of educational.