Default Dock tilt discussion

As all we seem to have at the moment is some words about 2013.11 being first fixed batches, but I say "pics or it didn't happen". So for the time being, let's have a look at what the situation in general is.
Some things I noticed:
  • I have yet to see the docking being sold seperately, as it was possible with older models.
  • Assuming there will be a fix by ASUS, selling the docking seperately or not can have an influence in it. The mechanical parts are there. Resizing them will break compatibility to existing devices.
  • If the docking will not be sold seperately, there might be a fix sometime; if sales go well enough. Maybe that means the entire design will be different and the tablet will be a V2.
  • Sending them back will probably just lead to a replacement with a chance of customer STFU
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