Default RAZRi XT890 USB OTG Capabilities (Thread for all Devices)

Me and few other people still asking about OTG capabilities so lets make combined thread for all.
What I figured out for now.

First of all RAZR i does not support OTG itself cause has no power on micro USB port so You need more than regular USB OTG cable.
You need minimum 1A powered USB HUB which means just buy regular 3/4/8 ports USB HUB but with 1A (can be 2A too) AC adapter.
So connection should looks like:

RAZRi -> OTG Cable -> USB Powered HUB -> USB Device

It's simple part. Lest make something harder.

List of devices which I tested:

Mouses and Keyboards

RAZRi has no problems to detect and handle with most of mouses and keyboards. No modifications are needed. Just Plug & Play.

USB Drives (Pendrives, HDD's etc)

Unfortunately none of them are working. Phone detects devices in some apps but drives are not detected as drives, just devices and they can't be mounted. I think without any kernel modifications drives can't be mounted. Apps to mount drives can't handle with it too.

USB Audio Devices / DAC

Unfortunately I have only 2 devices like that. Sound Blaster Surround 5.1 USB and Logitech Stereo USB Speakers.
Both tested with USB Audio Tester ROOT.
Creative is correctly detected but there is no sound on every setting.
Logitech USB speakers are detected correctly too but I was able to make it works but only to hear sound from internal microphone. No way to hear music or any sound from phone.
I tested SoundAbout Pro tp force playing from USB host but it failed. I don't know any other app can make it. Also I'm really noob at Linux so I have no idea what to modify in Alsa driver to redirect sound on USB audio device.

USB Game Controllers / PAD

I have only wireless XBOX360 pad so can be hard to make it work but heard somewhere that can be possible. In few days i'll check what can be done with it.

Tested with Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2, working like a charm without any mods. OFC You need to use button mapper or any similar app cause after connect pad is working like mouse but after remap we have fully working cordless pad.

USB Network Adapters

At this moment I tested only cheap RJ45 to USB adapter but it doesn't work. Strange cause activity led on adapter is blinking sometimes and it stops when phone is off but nothing except this.

Any other news, suggestions, tests of working devices are welcome.
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