Tablet Impossible to remote control with Teamviewer and DroidVNC. Do you know other methods?

I have the need to remote control my tablet Asus Nexus 7 2013 from my pc. For remote control I mean to see the screen of the tablet and operate on it as I was directly touching it.

The first choices were Teamviewer Quicksupport and Droid VNC server. On my rooted tablet with stable 10.2 cyanogen both the apps don't allow me to remote control the device from my pc.

Teamviewer Quicksupport freezes on my pc on the window saying it's trying to establish a remote connection, while ultravnc on my windows pc shows me a big black screen when connecting to the vnc server.

Both the programs work perfectly when trying them with other android devices like Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Sony Xperia U.

Do you know how to solve these issues (Teamviewer quickconnect is a relly nice app) or do you know other methods?

Really thanks in advance