Topic prefix can be set to [ANSWERED]. The m/n BI39100 p/n 35H00170-01M battery works just fine in the z710e. Confirmed to work, even with 0.1v increase (does not produce more heat or instability, like some cheap fake batteries do without protection IC xD)

I went back to the store they gave me another battery and it instantly worked. So i had two faulty batteries. Lucky me again haha....
Probably or the store where i got it from does not test bats and throws them intro one big box or just very very unlucky.

The battery stats now work, no warning in recovery menu and no orange/green flashing in the led indication.

So if somebody has the same issue as me, your battery is 100% sure faulty. And you should toss it back to the re-seller for warranty or if you purchased the parts loose RMA it.

Get or an good alternative non-oem brand like anker. That is sure to be safe and good of quality. And never use fake chargers from like cheap Chinese tabs or phones. Often they have terrible output and this can badly damage your battery/phone because the output might not be stable enough and drops and increases a lot of times, either using a 2A charger does not make any sense at all. It will go just as fast as a 1A charger because the limit is 1A through(in most phones some can have other ratings). Only thing that can damage your phone/battery is if you go over the 5VDC. More volts = more heat = less lifespan. Amps are taken by the device and volts are given.

The new battery i have now is a BI39100 35H00186-00M. The 35H00170-01M does not seem to work in a PG58130 z710e or i had two faulty batteries... ?
HTC Sensation z710e (PG58130):
Rooted, S-OFF, HBOOT 1.27.1100, Unlocked BL, RADIO-11.22.3504.07_M
Recovery: 4EXT Touch v1.0.0.6 RC1
Kernel: 3.0.101-ChronicKernel-linaro-g1ef1ddd (Wed Jan 15 07:48:25 EST 2014)
Rom: CyanogenMod 11-20140115 kk 4.4.2
Battery: GI39100 35H00186-00M (3.8VDC= 6.08Whr 1600mAh)
Govner: Ondemand IO: deadline? CPU: 2x1566mhz Antutu: 11931