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Review on Tigra ROM for N7100

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Wink Review on Tigra ROM for N7100

I am new with this Android and Gadget stuff, so I am in the seniors guidance and advices. Anyway, this is my first thread and I am learning and entering the more adventurous domain in managing my Android devices. But the subject of exploration is so huge. For a start, I am testing on Rooting and Flashing a new ROM to my N7100. So, my first ROM is Tigra V2.4. Just had it done 2 days ago from this post.

Tested it, played with it, it work great on my device. Thank you to the team who work hard for it!
Refer: Tigra Rom Thread

Enuf introduction, Now, to the main part of of the this thread. I am a bit confuse on the version differences between Tigra ROM v2.4 and v4.
As what I have learned and read, I get more confuse about it. Thus, is there anyone able to differentiate the differences between the 2 ROM?
tested it and share the experiences?

My review on v2.4:
  1. No problem during Flashing. Work fine. But the reboot take longer. I wonder why.
  2. Interface work fine, as like Note 3. or 4.3 Jelly Bean.
  3. Settings functionality work just as great as the original. no bugs found yet.
  4. Screen or interaction work fine and smooth. but at time i do get a lagged. or frozen. sometimes even at the lock screen mode. but i can live with it. it not much of an issue, the phone work as normal less than 1 minutes.
  5. Battery life? it last longer than my original N7100 stock ROM (4.1).
  6. There few bloatwares that I wish i could uninstall it. Like Evernote. it annoying. I couldn't even disable it. i don't use Evernote. nothing against it. I have what i need.
  7. No problem with my WIFI or HSDPA+ connection or modem. work fine.
  8. The SNote app dont seem to sync with my Samsung Account. I have few SNOTE files, it not reflecting to my device currently, i have my Note 8 as a backup for some of my SNOTE files. Thus i have to redo again. or... export and import to the phone. Yet to try that.
  9. Scrapbook app, i find it to be useless and annoying. could not uninstall it. SNote better.
  10. Camera, nothing much. the same as Stock ROM for N7100. no extra features.
  11. The Note 3, SPen touch menu, work great.
  12. OTA app for ROM updates, doesn't work. try to update the v4 using it, but failed. Couldn't even get to see the error message to understand the reason for it. the prompt box was too fast.

That all i can think off at the moment.

Oh, I read and study all the seniors posts before I attempt of doing anything such as above. I mean the Rooting, the Flashing. Lots of great advices. But most are too advance for me, I couldn't understand a word they wrote. Hahaha! learning! will catch up soon enough.

So, back to my main questions, what the different with v4? I am curious. I read some of the thread, and seem there lots of issues with the v4. and some of the features is no longer available from v2.4. Learning the differences, able to make me evaluate the need for me to upgrade it. currently, the version 2.4 work fine. no complaint yet from me.

I also noticed, some users actually change ROM that frequents. Wow. I wonder how you (the seniors) manage it? I mean, it take so much time for me to actually test the ROM and reinstall all my other apps just to make sure it working fine.

Cheers! thank you.
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Thanks for the review it was helpful
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