Default Samsung Link and Remote Tracking Controls

Hello guys. im expericing some issues with almost every kitchen rom around. Im from Venezuela so samsung link tracking is available for my country. so after trying a couple roms around i decided to flash the original stock 4.3 from russia SER . Wich is very cool and smooth. But i consider that it has too many sammy useless stuff (in my opinion) pre-installed.

I flashed the Desamsungnizer script 4.1 from this thread

Wich deleted almost every single samsung app in my stock rom. So i've got more internal memory and some faster touch wizz sense.

so, because im a samsung link user i installed from the play store the app (samsung link all share play) . . but it never logs in always shows up a message saying "cannot autenticate with your samsung account please try later or delete ur samsung account and try again" some thing like that.

So i just copied the allshareplay.apk from my S3 to the system/app folder and finally samsung link worked flawessly.

BUT i cannot track my phone from the Find my mobile web app because it never shows as Online.

I beleave there is some file wich the samsungnizer deleted that controls the gps tracking or something. tried tracking my phone from AVG website and i got no results. Seems like my phone is not connecting at all with any tracking app.

So. has any of you guys any idea about wich could be the file that controls that tracking functionality?
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