Prompt [Q] Android tablet will not wake up during sleep

Hi all,

I have a Cube U30GT2. Its one of those cheep Asian knockoff tabs, this one based on the RK3188. I don't think the problem I'm having is hardware specific however. I'm hoping someone with general android knowledge will be able to help me diagnose it. So far as I can tell all the Cube tabs are having this problem regardless of the version of factory rom modified or otherwise they are running. Thier is no 3rd party roms for this tab yet (really hoping for a CynogenMod soon but for that company needs to release source and this is an Asian tab so ya..) But anyway, I somewhat suspect the problem is in the Kernel and with no kernel source its probably not something that can be fixed but on the off chance someone might have another idea I figured it was worth a post. Can't hurt to ask right? So, on to the problem.

The issue is that when the tablet goes to sleep after sufficient idle time, it will not wake up to any Alarms set on the Alarm manager. I wrote a very simple android app to test this just to make certain it wasn't an app specific issue. Set an alarm with AlarmManager and let a sufficient amount of time pass for the tab to go into sleep mode and it never wakes up. Hit the power button to wake it up manually and any alarms that were scheduled to go off during the time it was asleep will then trigger.

In my testing I have the receiver of the alarm modify a txt file with the current date and time. I tried setting a no-screen wake lock first thing and also a screen-on wake lock, both the very first functions in the receiver. No dice. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I have a fair bit of technical knowledge but I by no means consider myself an android expert. That's why I'm asking here right? Thanks again!