Default [Q] Samsung Galaxy SIII Assistive light widget as an application

Hi there.

I'm trying to find the best way of LED flashlight activation and ended up with a tought it should be enabled via double home button press. So Wanam Xposed module allows me to choose which application should be started once I pressed Home twice. Ok.
Here is my problem - I used to use a Tasker task that involved TeslaLED plugin to trigger the flash. Then I found the Assistive light widget, which is a way faster in comparison with TeslaLED. It's virtually instant. But a widget is not the way I like to trigger the flash. It's just not convenient. I thought I found the solution when I found some japanese app called Widget to Shortcut, but it hangs during the widget analysis.

So I'm looking for a way to get an application that simply will be triggering the flash the way the Assistive Light does. Instantly. The best approach is to have the same codebase or activity or intent that implements it (not sure what term is correct here).

And yes, I already tried the hidden Settings activity that allows to use VolUp to enable the flashlight. But it seems not stable to me. First - it stops working if the phone in the deep sleep mode (at least, I guess it's the reason). So, if my phone is intact for a few minutes, I can't use VolUp to fire the light up. And other thing I worried about - I found that this hidden activity somehow prevents the phone from sleeping in certain conditions and that noticeably affected the uptime of my Galaxy SIII.

Plus, I read here that somebody said the same widget on S4 has a lower light level of LED and this was made intentionally. The guy was upset, but here I see the utility - is it possible to choose how bright the LED level could be, in particular for Samsung Galaxy SIII? That would be awesome if I could switch between light levels for a flashlight, just like in real hardware flashlights!

Does anybody knows an answer to either of my questions?