Default [Q] Problems installing stock rom, possible bootloop?


Been trying to go back to stock ROM ( odexed version) where I followed this guide using Method 1 under "Going back to stock" section. What I did was

1. Make backup of the ROM before I trying to go back to stock ROM
2. Format Data and wipe dalvik and normal cache several times so I was pretty certain of having a clean phone
3. Used sidepush to transfer ROM from PC to HTC One in recovery mode (FYI, using TWRP recovery)
4. Installed the ROM (While installing I noticed it said that first boot would take some time, but not how much or some sort of estimate)
5. Wiped dalvik and normal cache
6. Rebooted to system

Now it is just stuck on the standard HTC "quietly brilliant" startup logo and has been for 20+ minutes and still nothing happens. What have I done wrong and what can I do to fix this?