Unhappy Help pls

So here's the story : as my E-boda Impresspeed e1 tab has only 512 mb ram i tried to use switchme app to create a second account and use titanium backup to block some apps as it uses 300 mb of that ram. So i got the app and created two accounts as described here http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2463270 . I switched to the second account but it has no internary memory to install other apps and the switchme app isn't there and now i can't go back. I tried flashing the nandroid backup i have but the my recovery is stock and i can't flash it. There is no recovery for my tab . I also tried formating from the stock recovery and settings but it just starts in an account like this with 34 mb internal memory all used. So i can't install anything and i am stuck in this account.Help me pls