Default [LEAK] User, Eng, & Debug builds

Mod Edit: You have a very probable brick if you successfully flash these ENG images. Dont do it.

These are the files that were leaked to me for the Verizon Note 3, I don't have anymore Notes, maybe someone else can do something with these.

ALL_N900VVREBMHV_N900VVZWBMHV_1554921_REV03_eng_mi d_noship_MULTI_CERT.tar.7z 1.45 GB!H4pAGb5B!awVu4S...GG_b0JLzoHYuWg

ALL_N900VVRUBMI9_N900VVZWMI9_1671014_REV03_user_lo w_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.7z 1.27 GB!3gAwQZgL!BL-kZk...ozG03dTQ_-9_VA

BOOTLOADER_HLTE_VZW_TestBit_1525763_REV03_user_mid _noship_MULTI_CERT.7z 957 KB
These allow you to down grade the bootloader!7wJzyCYD!Zo3Hv2...UCwz35DZXQrSP0

COMBINATION_N900VVREAMG3_N900VVZWAMG3_1031711_REV0 3_eng_mid_noship.tar.7z 1.62 GB
These seem to only work on dev devices, never got any of it working on retail!Wkx3lS4K!SEbUul...IjlDyyoqBagEo8
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