Default [Q] Google Speech to text causes audio focus issues

Hi Everyone

I'm having issues with Google Voice Recognition. If I have headphones plugged in and I toggle voice recognition from the soft keyboard (the little mic icon) the media player I have running in the background cuts out. It stays out even after voice recognition has finished listening.

If I toggle voice recognition into listening mode again, the media audio cuts back in until voice recognition stops listening, then it cuts back out. Even apps like Utter! cause this same exact behavior. It seems to be when one of these apps forces the audio to focus on something else. This issue doesn't happen at all if I *don't* have anything plugged into the headphone jack. It works like normal in those cases.

Restarting the media player doesn't fix it. The only ways to fix it are to totally restart the phone, or unplug the headphones, toggle voice recognition, wait for it to stop listening, then plug the headphones back in. Then it all works correctly until the next time voice recognition is toggled. Then the problem happens all over again.

I'm running Beanstalk 4.3 RC1.1 + W03Tweaks v1.6.1 with uneak kernel 2.22 on an AT&T Galaxy Note II. I've tried switching to a different kernel (devil) but I get the same results. I've noticed this problem on both 4.2 and 4.3 rom's for me (Both Beanstalk, haven't tested other roms).

It's driving me crazy since I can't use voice recognition when I'm driving without causing my music to stop. I made a video of what it's doing,
Carrier: AT&T | Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note II