Exclamation [Q] Updated to 4.3...No data service now!?! Please help!

I had rooted my Galaxy note 2 but kept stock rom on it. Everything was working beautifully, no problems with anything. Then I flashed the rom: 4.3 MK4 DN3. What I didn't realize at that time was that it wasn't for the sprint network (had pulled several all nighters studying for finals so I wasn't paying much attention to the roms details unfortunately). For obvious reasons, the phone was stuck at the samsung boot screen. So I tried to flash a stock rom back on, this time the rom loaded but I had no service to sprint at all. I then used Oden to put my phone back to factory rom/settings. I updated to the new 4.3 OTA and since then I cannot connect to sprint's data service. I went into a sprint store tech center and they said everything checked out hardware wise and software wise but for some reason still wouldn't connect to the network. Then they gave me some BS answer about how its probably the sprint network messing up. I know that somewhere between flashing the wrong rom and the update something went wrong.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this problem? I know sprint is going to be of no use in resolving this matter =/

Any help ASAP would be great as I rely on data for communicating with my professors as well as members of my National Guard unit on a daily basis.

Thank you!