Default [MOD] [STOCK] Qi Charge w/o boot, HiddenMenuDialer, +Vol Steps

Here are a few simple mods I've made to my stock VS98011A rom since I've owned the phone. They're pretty straightforward. Standard rules apply...Use these at your own risk, make sure you have a backup, flash them in recovery (I use twrp), blah blah blah

!!! Unless otherwise noted, these are for stock (odexed) VS98011A/12B

Qi Charging while the phone stays off
- I wanted the option to keep the phone off (and cooler) while wirelessly charging, but LG saw fit to make it boot the second you put it on the pad. This keeps the phone off just as if you were charging with a regular ac adaptor. This one will work fine on 11A/12B odexed/deodexed.


HiddenMenu and Dialer access enabler
- For some reason, Verizon omitted the HiddenMenus. The apk was absent and they disabled access to most secret codes via the dialer. This adds the newest version of LG's HiddenMenu/AAT apks and enables access via the following dialer codes:
  • ##LGSERVICEMENU - Gets you into the main LG HiddenMenu
  • ##PROGRAM - Verizon's specific menu
  • ##AATEST - AAT menu
  • ##FEATURE - Another VZW menu
  • ##DEBUG
If you're asked for a password, just enter 000000
If you break anything while playing in here, blame the person standing to your right.

Download - VS98011A
Download - VS98012B

Increased volume steps
- This is just something I've been doing to my phones for a while...30 steps for music/media and 15 for the rest (up from 15 and 7). There are a number of tutorials out there on this. I originally read about how to do it here

Download - VS98011A
Download - VS98012B

I'll post more of these as I remember and have the time zip them up.


Devs: If you are interested in using all/part of these mods in your work that's fine with me, but please ask permission before doing so and give credit after.