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Let's face it, Android 4.3 is still a great build and you don't need to be on 4.4, there are issues with that ROM too that developers like myself had to work out (camera sucked, distorted volume sounds, SD card permissions, and the list goes on), if you are suffering from reboots, This build is for you and has plenty of goodies to keep you going.

This is the latest and final 4.3 build for the I9505-G Google Edition S4 official from Google/Samsung, It's a very clean base, I have made quite a few optimizations to the ROM and added the tools necessary to give it the features (100% working features that is) of an AOSP ROM, Google edition does not use open source proprietary which mean's Bluetooth, and most importantly the camera will work way better out of the box since Samsung builds this ROM (Full HDR support, 1080p video recording, no green lines on the front cam), This ROM is a perfect daily driver for users who are experiencing reboots on 4.4 due to the modem/bootloader issues on certain phones.


-Latest 4.3 Google Edition
- No rom branding - I don't flash my name around in the settings menu anywhere, keeping it stock AOSP. Dandroid is a forum name
-Faux mainline
-Zip aligned
-No extra bloat
-Nova launcher
-1% battery mod
-Inverted 4.3 mms with quick reply
-Ships with xposed
-Gravity box included (This will give you a TON of extra tweaks only found in AOSP roms, and they work!)
--Status bar tweaks
--Notification panel tweaks
--Transparency settings
--Disable/Enable CRT
--Lockscreen quick pin unlock
--Customize lock screen targets
--Adjustable clear all recent apps button
--Enable all rotations
+ more!

--List view animations
--AOKP Animation control
--Battery bar

-CM weather widget
-Official Google Keyboard
-No fancy scripts that dumb down performance
-Stock Google Edition CSC + Worldwide APN support
-Extremely fast and stable, Daily Driver material for non flashoholics


Installation instructions

-Full wipe
-Flash ROM
-Reboot (if at anytime recovery asks you to fix root, say no)
-Let phone settle for a few minutes
-Open app drawer and open xposed, press the framework button and install the framework, reboot your device
-Open xposed one again and enter the module menu and enable gravity box, xuimod reboot for final time
-Enjoy the many features at you're fingertips
-Use Gravity box "ongoing notification blocker" and block google service framework to block the OTA spam



-Inital release and most likely final ;) it's well tested and I know what I'm doing


Download here
MD5: c4cbae8efc8a0c41728fe8e421822cc4

To block the OTA use the "ongoing notification blocker" feature in gravity box provided in this ROM to simply block "Google Service Framework" from showing you OTA and simply ignore it, it will never nag you again

Don't worry, Google Service Framework does not show any other notifications but the OTA so you won't be missing ANYTHING else

Enjoy this very stable 4.3 ROM, It is a very good daily driver


CM Team - CLocK + File manager
ktoonsez - One fantastic kernel, framework.jar
mrvirginia - He is always willing to help, also provided a solution to the FFC
rovo89 - Xposed
C3C076 - Gravitybox
MJHawaii - Clean 4.3 base + mount ports
dsixda - Android Kitchen
Kryten2k35 - framework.jar hack
Faux123 - This guy is the man
AT&T Galaxy S3 Forums - For getting me into Android Development ;)

Kernel Source: here

If you would like to support me, Donate here I've spent countless hours on my projects with many sleepless nights. Donations are appreciated and keep me motivated :highfive:

XDA:DevDB Information
Dandroid Google Edition 4.3 , a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: Google Edition

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2013-12-13
Last Updated 2013-12-15