Question [Q] Problems with battery and performance in 4.3 and 2.3

Hi guys.

I came here to solve a problem with my device. I have a Defy Plus (Mb526) and accidentally i have installed the wrong ROM (BL7, 2.3.6, I think) and it causes many problems.

Problem 1: My Defy don't have the same performance and fluidity as before.
Problem 2: The battery icon was replaced to a question mark.
Problem 3: The device don't charge with charger, but the PC recognize it.

The only way to charge it's a Universal Charger.

I have tried to install so many ROM's (stock and custom) and fixes, but the only stock ROM what works it's chinese and taiwan. Others don't start.
I tried too install a backup of CyanogenMod but isn't sucessful and the problems just keeping.

So, please, anyone can help me?
Nexus 4 - 16Gb
- Stock 4.4.2 (KOT49H)
- Stock Kernel
- Stock Recovery
- Stock RADIO
- Locked !

Old: Defy+ MB526 with CM10.2