Default [Q] How to find suitable Device ID?

Hello all!

I bought a gameloft game long time ago (, because I thought they would update it to be compatible with the Nexus 7 one day. But they didn't!

Now I've seen some cracked versions, which seem to run fine on Tegra-Devices. I didn't succeed to install them.

Therefore I have to questions:
1) How can I find out the supported Devices of one App on Google Play?

2) What would be Devices close enough to our Nexus 7?

I was hoping, that I could fake the build.prop according to the combined answers 1) and 2) to go through the official installation process (at least I did pay for this app, which would run on my Xperia U and Galaxy Gio (!), but not on the high-powered Nexus 7)!

Thanks a lot!
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