Exclamation [Q] Phone turns off but still plays music. Massive battery loss upon battery pull.

Recently my Note 2 has been acting extremely erratic. I'm running Jelly Beans build 22, which I clean flashed.

Basically, and this seems to only happen when I'm listening to something with my headphones, I'll take my phone out of my pocket and the buttons will do nothing. The screen will stay off, and nothing I do affects anything. Music still plays, hell even my LED light still blinks, but the only thing I can do is pull the battery. After I pull the battery, somehow I my battery has depleted by 10-30%, which is worrying to say the least.

This started happening recently and I can't really point to any particular change in my phone. I have been messing around with ROMS recently, but I am pretty sure I've been safe about it. When it started happening on build 21, I did the standard wipes including system, and flashed 22. My phone has a lot less lag but this horrible problem is still happening. I'm beyond worried.

Any help? Thank you.
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