Post [Q] General Note 3Kernel/Recovery questions??

Hi all! I had an E4GT and I can say that I am comfortably experienced in flashing roms and all that fun stuff. Though I got a Sprint GNote 3, and Im thinking of getting it rooted sometime this week. Though before I do so I wanna make sure I do my homework, and get comfortable in the GNote 3 world. So if anyone could help me out I had some questions specifically about kernels and recoveries
1.) one of the biggest questions I had was I know that the Kernel and recovery are separate. So how do I go about flashing recoveries?
I know that there is flashify in app market which a lot of people use to flash twrp. Though can I also safely use odin>PDA box to do so as well.
2.) And for Flashify and Odin which file do i use. img.tar for both?
3.) Will flashing a recovery via PC odin trigger yellow triangle on start up?
4.) Im assuming you can still use PC odin> PDA box to flash .tar kernels. Will this trigger triangle as well?
5.) though it seems that devs on note 3 page, have taken a favor to .zip files to flash in twrp rather then .tar, so is it generally safe to flash these .zip kernels in twrp?

and lastly, I have to say, ive been using the note 3 for several weeks and LTE seems to be everywhere and it is very fast. Browsing the web has been a breeze on this device. So im concerned that my note 3 being on anything other than Stock kernel will interfere with its performance, as ive read of some bugs here and there. Basically my question is do most people find that the custom kernels out there are buggy, and do you think I would be better off with stock kernel for now. If not what stable kernels do you recommend?
Thank you for puttin up with this somewhat tedious post, I just want to make sure I have all the info i need, so I dont mess up this beautiful device. So any responses, and clarification would be greatly appreciated! Thanks