Lightbulb [NEW-IDEA] Can we make internal SD card in i500 ?

My SD card is broken, so i can not install any apk right now, and i happen to find that my /data is totally about over 1GB, and right now, there are several hundreds MB left for free. then i have a idea, can we make a seperate partition , as internal SD card.

then i google , and get some information about pit ( partition information table), which is used for samsung phones. and also i get the powerful software PIT_MAGIC. till now, i only get into here. do you guys have some more idea and more clear thoughts on this case ?

i will try to learn more information about building Roms and PIT or something else related, since i am not familiar about android ROMs, what i was doing with my I500 is just normal daily usage. Any comments and suggests would be really helpful to me, and i will be appreciated for all your helps.