Thumbs up ZOPO ZP990 Volume ,Microphone issue solving method

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Recently, many customer told us that the ZP990 have major problems: Volume too weak and also the Microphone.
Then i will give you a simple methods to solve it by yourself, I think it will be helpful for you

How to change the volume?

1. Dial number: * # * # 3646633 # * # * or * # 15963 # * to enter engineer mode. (Warning:Please be careful !! dont touch any other settings if you dont know about those).
2. Choose "Audio", "Normal Mode",
3. Change the type to Sph, In screen shot its adjusted to 160 maximum,
4. after that press set to save,
5. finally turn the Level to Level 5, click OK and restart the phone.
6. (If the speaker can bear, you can try turn the Level to 6).

Check the screen shots below
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How to change the Microphone volume ?

Use the same method to enter engineer mode,
then modify the values according to the Screen Shots below:
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restart the phone after modifying the settings