Default [Q] Need help with Cube U25GT RK3168

I have been away from Android for a good many years now, over in iOS land.

Recently I picked up a Cube U25GT Dual Core with the Rockchip RK3168 A9 processor.

Out of the box the developer menu is available, but I would like to do a full root on the device so I can use this as a development platform where I can run strace or something if necessary.

The problem is there is so much information out there and much of it is device specific that being pretty much new all over again I have no idea where to start. I read through some topics here but none that I read were to the point and I quickly found myself in a tangle of threads.

The stock firmware is available but I was unable to mount the image to extract anything. I am guessing it's not a standard disk img file.