Default [Q] Slow Motion "Camera Failed"

Hello Folks!

Hoping y'all could help me with this issue. So far, i have searched and found this "Fix"
Now, i haven't tried it yet as there were more negative opinions regarding the supposed FIX. Anyways, here's the issue... I have just recently flashed my S4 with a Wicked v9.1 JB 4.3 version custom ROM and while messing with the new features and such. I encountered this "Camera Failed" message while trying to shoot a SlowMo video. It would sometimes even reboot my phone due to this. I can't seem to get the SlowMo feature to work but the Fast feature works just fine. I came to post here since i'm a new registered member and not allowed to post a reply on the Wicked thread yet. I hope there's a fix to this..Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!